You may be feeling like this year has been full of chaos, uncertainty, confusion and rapid changes, but it’s time to focus on finishing the year out strong.  Yes, it’s been a struggle for many people so far this year.  Some of you may have experienced trials and obstacles, while others of you have experienced your best year ever.  

Regardless of where you are now or what has happened so far this year, the fact remains that games are won or lost in the 4th quarter.  You can absolutely finish this year strong.  The best leaders and achievers are the ones that FINISH the race strong, not the ones that START the race strong.  We are in the 4th quarter.  There are still several months left in this year, and I’ve got good news for you.  You can STILL make this year a monumental year if you will Get Focused, Execute on Your Plan, and Never Look Back.  

There are many ways you can immediately create momentum and forward progress in your life, but the decision has to be made by you.  I am challenging you to Stop, Take a Minute, and Focus on Creating a 4th Quarter Plan for you and your business.

I want to provide you with 10 ideas on how you can make it happen starting today.  I hope these ideas will inspire your own creativity and motivate you to take control of your 4th quarter in a big way.  Ultimately, you have everything inside you to WIN the Game in the 4th quarter.  It comes down to you…


  1. Dig Deep
  2. Run Your Plays
  3. Fuel Your Vision
  4. Get Creative
  5. Focus on Your Strengths
  6. Serve Others
  7. Inspire Others
  8. Don’t Look Back
  9. Practice Gratitude
  10. Start Each Day Strong

Also, I think it is important for you to remember this…

You are the player in your game of life, but you are also the Coach, Referee, and Judge.  You write the rules that you are judged by, not anyone else.  You are in control of how you play the game, rule the game and keep score.  So, don’t let anyone or anything in your life try to convince you otherwise.  Make a decision and a commitment to play at 100% through the rest of the year.

Don’t leave anything on the court.  Don’t start the year with any regrets as to how you’ve played in 2020.  I know that you have greatness inside of you.  I know that you can create the life you were meant to live, so let’s go make it happen.

George Wright III

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