The Benefits of High Performance Habits

October 5, 2020

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By George Wright III

The Benefits of High Performance Habits

I recently went back to some Amazing Content from a mentor of mine Brendon Burchard.  He wrote a book called High Performance Habits, How Extraordinary People Become that Way. This book was instrumental in helping me to Create Clarity in my life and structure some extremely helpful Daily Rituals.  So, I’d like to provide you with a high level review of what that book covers and maybe we can get into more details throughout this week on the Daily Mastermind Podcast.

First, I love a quote from Aristotle that says, “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” I love this quote because sometimes, I feel we lose track of what matters most in our lives when we are trying to become better versions of ourselves.  I think sometimes we struggle daily to achieve happiness, fulfillment and prosperity through the acts or activities that we are engaged in.  But, we lose focus on the fact that excellence is a result of habits we develop in our lives and not simply a result of some action or activity that we try to accomplish.

Brendon provides an excellent road map for how to achieve extraordinary results and an amazing life of happiness and achievement with his 6 core habits he has developed through years and years of research with high achievers.

Like many of us, he worked hard his whole life and achieved various levels of success and positive results.  But, like you and I, he also hit plateaus and had many failures as well.  It definitely seems to me like “hard work” just doesnt seem to be enough these days.  Maybe you’ve experienced this as well.

Have you ever felt like you were working hard, focusing on your strengths,  following a disciplined schedule and still not getting the results you wanted?  Or maybe you are getting results, but you still don’t feel fulfilled, satisfied or even happy with the accomplishments you are getting.

Well, you are not alone and this is an excellent example of why “working hard” really isn’t enough to create an extraordinary life.  Brendon points out in his book a couple of KEY TRUTHS that we must recognize and accept in our Pursuit of Greatness:

1-Achievement is not the Problem.  Alignment is.  The key here is to understand that what’s achieveble is not always what is most important.  This goes back to something I’ve mentioned many times on my podcast.  Most people ask themselves the question, “what do I want to do” or “what do I want to achieve”.  The real question you should be asking is, “what do I want my life to be like”.  What emotions, experiences and lifestyle do you really want.  That is the best question to start with.

2-Certainty is the enemy of Growth and High Performance.  Too many people are chasing success while hoping for certainty in their lives. Its like running a race with ankle weights on.  You can’t hope to outperform in the marketplace while simultaneously holding yourself back.  This is usually due to fear, low self confidence and past failures.  But, the truth is that you can overcome that, and it is important to learn that success usually resides in direct proportion to uncertainty.

3-Technology wont Save Us.  Our livest today are filled with gadgets, technology, social media and influencers.  We are being convinced there are easier, simpler, “automated” ways of doing things that will give us the EDGE.  But the truth is that nothing will ever replace wisdom and discipline.  The fact is that creating good habits and executing on key success principles is the only way to create success WITH lasting happiness and results…period.

So, after you accept these key factors (truths), we must then study what characteristics and common factors are present in High Performers.  Brendon spend years and years developing a list of common traits.  They are:
  • High performers are more successful and less stressed.
  • High performers love challenges and are confident they will figure things out.
  • High performers are healthier than their peers.
  • High performers are happy.
  • High performers are admired.
  • High performers get better grades and achieve higher levels of success.
  • High performers work passionately regardless of traditional rewards.
  • High performers are assertive for the right reasons.
  • High Performers see and serve beyond their strengths. (step into your greatness)
  • High Performers master unique output called Prolific Quality Output. (the right things)
  • High Performers are adaptive servant leaders. (develop people not just skills)
Once you begin to study, learn and prioritize the traits I’ve just outlined, it is much easier to understand why Habits are so important to become Extraordinary.  People are not born leaders.  They become leaders and extraordinary people through Habits and Discipline.

To Succeed, always remember that the main things is to keep the main thing the main thing.

Now, it’s important to take a second and explain a key difference between the habits that Brendon talks about with High Achievers and habits that you may think about every day.  Most habits are things you do over and over again and they become Automatic.  However, the habits needed to become a high achiever NEVER become Automatic.  They are habits that will require Conscious Effort forever.  The reason for this is that when you are growing, you are constantly needing to adapt to the new and changing environment and challenges you face.  So, the habits for high performers are “Deliberate” habits (not automatic habits).  They are habits that become a type fo checklist you use to Crush the Day as Gary Vee would say.  🙂
We are not going to go into the depth of these habits today, but here the 6 Core Habits of High Performers that Brendon Outlines.  I encourage you to study and learn each of them.
Personal Habits
1-Seek Clarity
2-Generate Energy
3-Raise Necessity
Social Habits
4-Increase Productivity
5-Develop Influence
6-Demonstrate Courage
There are also a couple of final thoughts I’d like to leave you with today.
First, “True, Lasting Success” will never come from doing what is natural, certain, convenient or automatic”.  It will most always come from things that challenge and push you outside your comfort zone.  Just make the decision that you accept that fact.
Second, most people struggle with limiting beliefs that keep them from creating an Extraordinary life regardless of their hard work and efforts to create success habits.  You need to spend time identifying what your limiting beliefs are if the Core High Performance Habits are going to work for you.
Third, the most important things to remember through all your personal development, financial education and high performance habits applications, is to always find and maintain FOCUS.  Brendon likes to say:  To Succeed, always remember that the main things is to keep the main thing the main thing.  Or you may have heard the acronym for FOCUS:  Follow One Course Until Successful.  You must maintain a focus or you simply won’t get the results you are truly striving for.
I hope these principles will help you.  They certainly help me, and just like in sports, it is always important to come back to the fundamentals when you are needing boost or feel like you’ve hit a plateau.  I hope you have an amazing week and I look forward to seeing you on the Daily Mastermind Podcast throughout the week.
George Wright III
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