As an Entrepreneur it is hard to Create Focus, Consistency & Discipline

…but it’s necessary.

In order to be Successful in Business & Life, it requires Mental Strength.

It requires you to Eliminate Distractions and Negativity while also dealing with Stress and Anxiety of Juggling your day…In fact, this is pretty much the recipe most of us deal with in every area of our lives.

So…How do you Start to Create the Mental Toughness required?

How you develop a Strong Mind…Daily Rituals is a major Key.

Prosperity Pillars help you to stay focused on a Mindset for Success.


But, you also need to know what Not to Do when it comes to your Mindset.

Today I want to cover a list of things that Mentally Strong People DO NOT DO.

I want you to question where you are with each of these and maybe it will create some awareness of how you can identify and change some behavior…

They Don’t Give up Their Power

-stop allowing others to control you

-choose how you react to situations…the power is in the choice

They Don’t Feel Sorry for Themselves

-stop feeling sorry for yourself

-life isn’t fair and be glad that it isn’t…be grateful

They Don’t Let Fear Stop Them.

-be willing to take calculated risks…not blind ones

-practice courage and expect fear to be there at the same time

They Don’t Resent Others Success.

-stop with the scarcity mindset

-surround yourself with successful people to attract more success

They Don’t Waste Energy on Stuff They Can’t Control.

-learn to expect and appreciate obstacles (flat tire, lost luggage, traffic)

-focus on areas you do control like health, activity, actions

They Don’t Feel Entitled.

-you don’t get what you want, you get what you deserve

-what you deserve is in direct proportion to the value you give the market

They Don’t Worry About Pleasing Everyone.

-stop trying to impress people that don’t have a vested interest in your success

-learn to say NO and have reasons, values and vision that justify it in your mind

They Don’t Give Up…EVER…they are relentless.

-start seeing obstacles as opportunities 

-start seeing failure as a key to the gates of your success and destiny

They Don’t Keep Making the Same Mistakes.

-learn why situations keep coming up in your life…learn your lessons

-stop going through the same cycles of learning (mistakes)

They Don’t Expect Immediate Results.

-have your vision always in front of you while you are executing in the moment

-learn to value delayed gratification and celebrate the “little wins”

They Don’t Dwell in the Past.

-the Past is Gone…Move on…Drop the Baggage…24 hour Bragging Rule

-Learn to Dwell on the Future and Execute in the Moment to get you there

They Don’t Fear Alone Time.

-this one is a tough one for most of us…it is for me

-Don’t fear the Silence…Require the Silence…Your Mind, Body, Spirit need it

-Don’t let the Stories in your mind control you…Your Thoughts are NOT you

Go back through this list and take a hard assessment of where you are and what you really want in life.  If you want success, you need to start building a Strong Mental Game…and it is a Game.  You need to Start Holding Yourself Accountable to a higher standard of Operating in your World.  I believe in you.  I know you have greatness inside you.

Most importantly, I KNOW that it is never too late to start creating your best life.

Make this week your best week of 2020 so far and the stepping stone for an Amazing finish to this year.  I know you can do it.

George Wright III

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