We are all moving so quickly in life, that they don’t seem to actually have a life.  So how do you really start to incorporate a Quality life into your daily routine?
I have found several habits that over time have helped me the most to create a quality life and more importantly…a lifestyle.  After all, if life is worth living then it’s worth living in a quality and fulfilled way.
Here are 7 suggestions of things I believe you can do to increase your lifestyle and quality of life.  There are many more, but find a few of these ideas (or your own) and start to focus on “creating a quality life” in your daily routine…
1-Hack People
  • technology isn’t always the key
  • Gary V talks about…The human part of it is an absolute must. If you’re doing everything yourself, you’re dead. When other people are doing it, a lot more can be done.
2-Get Quality Sleep
  • don’t let sleep become a necessary thing
  • make sleep a deliberate thing
  • routine prior to sleep
  • ideal sleep conditions
  • don’t get caught up in the timeline…you body will adapt
3-Create a Memories
  • nothing increases quality of life like creating a memory
  • schedule and plan these out
  • work to create emotions
  • emotions tied to thoughts embed them into your mind
  • create a book of memories for your daily routine
4-Start a Meditation
  • don’t over complicated this
  • all methods work:  mindfulness, meditation, visualization
  • there are differences but focus on what works for you
  • goal is simplicity, limited thoughts and peace (center)
5-Time Blocking Tasks
  • focus…follow one course until successful
  • synergy and momentum come with focus
  • you experience breakthrough after time is spent
6-Make Decisions Faster
  • say yes and figure it out
  • let opportunities lead you rather than stress you
  • don’t get caught up in the details and planning
7-Journal for Focus
  • journaling has many benefits
  • get thoughts out to release them
  • practice gratitude
  • train your brain for success
  • have a specific intent
  • schedule the best time
Ultimately, I am big believer that if you will shift your focus to creating “the life you want to live” or the “quality life you deserve”, you will accomplish that goal.  Sometimes we are too focused on the “things” we are trying to accomplish that we miss out on so many things in life.  We simply need to remember that we are here to LIVE LIFE and CREATE A LIFE, and we need to stop just chasing destinations.
Creating the life you were meant to live is simple if you will just start focusing on what you want to attract into your life.
I hope these thoughts have helped you.  Have a great weekend.
George Wright III

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